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Barambah Organics

  • Brisbane,Australia
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Barambah Organics began in 2002 after Ian Campbell converted his fourth generation family farm, “Spring Creek” in 1999 to organic status with Australian Certified Organic. The family has been farming at “Spring Creek” since 1912. The farming operation moved to the Goondiwindi region in 2006 in order to secure access to reliable water. This has been an excellent move and the cows are thriving in this location.

Ian is a highly qualified Rural Scientist who specialised in animal nutrition at University and then delved further into human nutrition. Ian worked in Queensland and Victoria as an animal nutritionist in the early 1990s and then took a position with a company that had him working in both the United Kingdom (UK) and in South America in the late 1990s for two years. He had seen that many consumers were embracing certified organic foods in the UK. He could see on the UK farms what practices they had in place in order to convert the farms to organic status and soon realised that those practices were already in place on his family farm. Barambah produced its first bottle of milk on March 17, 2002. There were eight stores and around fifty homes that were ready to take the milk, bottled in glass. Some of those stores are still taking our product today like Rosalie Foodstore and Plenty Deli at Eight Mile Plains. There are now close to 600 stores who are stocking Barambah products. Barambah has an excellent team in place, who have been working with us for many years. Barambah has achieved both international and national dairy awards and is now successfully exporting to a number of countries. Barambah Organics has dairy farms located near Goondiwindi and Inglewood, 350kms South West of Brisbane. The farms are well located on the Dumaresq River System and on the McIntyre Brook. Our cows graze on mixed pastures and are 80% grass fed and their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals during milking times. At Barambah Organics the calves that are born on our property stay within our care. Our calves are not considered by us to be waste products. We are fortunate to have a large expansive area to raise the calves. At the age of 6 months we take the females to another one of our properties which is 20kms from the dairy farm. There they have 1,300 acres to roam, and we take the males to our 1,000 acre property at Murgon where they are reared to the age of approximately 4 years of age. We often get asked the question "When are the calves separated from their mothers?" Each calf is different and needs to be individually assessed and monitored after birth. Some calves are completely abandoned by their mothers and human intervention is required earlier so that the calf receives its much needed colostrum, much like human babies. The calf is not separated from its mother until it is truly on its way and fit and healthy. Our cows are not artificially inseminated. We have approximately 18 bulls in our paddocks. We let nature takes its course. We have at any point in time approximately 100 cows who are rested from the milking herd. They can be out for 2-3 months. Ian Campbell has been in the dairy industry for many years now and he has seen the true respect and regard that so many dairy farmers give to their animals. The average dairy farmer works a 14 hour day and strangely they choose this path for the lifestyle, as dairy farmers truly love their animals

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