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Bill's Health Bakery

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At Bill’s, we’re focused on inspiring healthier living through healthier choices. All of our delicious sourdoughs are made using pure, natural ingredients from certified organic farms, milling our flour in a traditional stoneground method, a slower, older method of milling which avoids overheating and dehydration.

Sourdough starters are referred to as “ferments” or “cultures”, which are complex ecosystems composed of multiple species of yeast andlactic acid-producing bacteria, whereas ordinary baker’s yeast is a single variety of manufactured yeast that can make dough rise fast without complete fermentation. Sourdough bacteria are lactic acid-producing bacteria (lactobacilli) that are also found in numerous other fermented foods (like yoghurt). These bacteria (which need a minimum of 12 hours to ferment) produce many benefits including increasing the nutritional value of a food. They also create the wonderful unique flavours and textures of real sourdough. The pH of sourdough is around 4, where as the pH of Baker’s yeast is 5.5 to 6. Pathogenic microorganisms such as botulism, E. coli and moulds cannot reproduce in an environment with a pH below 4.6, this keeps sourdough bread mould free naturally (no artificial preservatives). Bill’s naturally leavened sourdough is easily assimilated by the body, so is often recommended by health care professionals. Sourdough cultures contain multiple species of yeast and lactic acid-producing bacteria, which help control yeast overgrowths. Another health benefit of sourdough bread is that it has a lower glycemic index. Bill’s sourdough bread’s glycemic index is also lower because the flour is stoneground, which means it has larger flour particles.

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